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What We Offer

FullRange CRM Consulting puts you in charge of changes to your business information and processes.  Customer Relationship Management whether Act! or Salesforce CRM, are flexible systems that adapt to changing business requirements.  This provides power to manage your business.

FullRange CRM Consulting supports your business to keep the changes efficient and progressive. We bring our experience in many different industries to your unique situation. We work with you to identify needs and find the right solution. Our wide variety of hands-on business and technical experience guides the planning and advice we provide.


We will help you to identify your best option through research, review, and discovery sessions with you and your staff. CRM programs are incredibly customizable and infinitely scalable, providing solutions for the entire range of your customer relationship management needs.

Consulting and Technology Solutions

Part of what makes CRM so powerful is that it can be seamlessly integrated with your legacy sales and marketing, customer records, accounting, and other systems environments. We build the custom bridges between your applications, thereby eliminating redundancies and duplication of effort.


Whether you require a simple, single-user installation or an enterprise-wide, multiple model deployment, we install and test all programming to ensure that maximum performance is achieved throughout your network and workstation environment.

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Case Studies

Our goal at FullRange CRM is for you, our client, to achieve financial benefits through business efficiency and insight upon the successful completion of your project.

We know companies are faced with challenges to compete faster and better in their own marketspace. With Act! as a shared database your valuable customer information is in one place, enabling your business to grow and earn profits faster by reducing time in finding the appropriate information to further the sale.  Email integration and email marketing are built into Act! to help as well.

At FullRange CRM, we have proven ways to meet the basic, unique and complex challenges your company may face. Below are Case Studies of successes we have had with our clients.
A more successful business enterprise can be achieved through an Act! database implementation with FullRange CRM.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

ACT! Custom Integration Services

Our client, an electrical supply distributor using Act! as their CRM, wanted the sales staff to have up-to-date statistics from their Epicor Prophet 21 accounting system. This way, the sales team will know precisely the last time a customer placed an order and its amount, how much they have purchased year-to-date as well as in the previous year and what their credit rating is.

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Tracking Commissions in a Sales Process

Needing to track commissions that are received in varying amounts per project was a big headache for a busy interior designer in Dallas, Texas. QuickBooks was not the solution. FullRange CRM developed an easy way to input the check numbers and amounts in Act! for each project (Opportunity) which was summed up and subtracted from the commission owed.

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Qualify Web Visitors & Auto-Add Web Form Data into ACT!

Busy company with hundreds of visitors to their website daily needed a way to track those visitors and qualify the most interested. The goal is to identify to sales personnel who they should spend their time contacting. Numerical values were created for specific website pages and for specific answers on required forms when filled out by website visitors.

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Case Studies

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management Database

Maintain your critical customer information in one place. The Implementation of the appropriate CRM will keep your company organized and on track, thus increasing the ease of sales.

Your CRM database is a single source of information for sales, marketing and executives. It provides insight into the negotiations of sales with automatic report generation, and the ease of follow-ups with customers and prospects.

With the foundation to  scale fast with a growing business, a CRM database will be the lifeforce of your business.

ACT! by Swiftpage

ACT! CRM works like you work. It equips you with a variety of database configuration options, from lightly personalized to completely customized.
Act! CRM goes where you go. You will be productive from whenever you work; the office, home, or the road–whether you are online or offline.
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Third-Party ACT! Add-Ons

Third Party Add-ons (apps) are an essential and common way to extend the capabilities of any CRM program. They are most often inexpensive one-time fees, a few are even free. There numerous choices from a wide variety of custom developers.

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Salesforce covers all areas of customer relationships, ranging from marketing to service.
Salesforce is CRM delivered to your business run entirely in the cloud, through a browser on your computer or an app on your mobile device.

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