Lead Managment

Lead Capturing, Lead Scoring and Marketing Automation.

What if your business operated with the knowledge of who is a quality lead and who is an unreceptive lead? Your time would be spent nurturing valuable leads with less time wasted chasing leads.
Lead management and more specifically Lead Scoring, is a business practice that assigns a value to each one of your leads based on their engagement within your website. This process if set-up correctly, is intended to be seamless, automated, and work injunction with your marketing tools and CRM. Allowing you more time to focus on the quality leads.
Prior to having a well-oiled Lead Scoring machine, you must first have the right tools in place to capture these leads. Visitors to your website provide insight which can be leveraged in the nurturing of that particular lead, as well as background information on the proficiencies of your marketing. To most business that data is invisible and might as well not exist. With the right tools and marketing processes your web-visitors will feel more inclined to give up personal information such as contact info. Each visitor who does provide a name or email address will then be tied to their previous and anonymous behavior on your website and all future website engagement. You gain the leverage to know when these prospects are interested as well as what they are interested in.
Here at FullRange CRM we have the tools and expertise to set up Lead Management and Lead Scoring systems for your business. Call us to find out more.