Database Repair

Fixes for slow performance or problems opening and managing your database

Has your database slowed down or do you find certain features of Act! are not working? Worse, are you in a crisis and can’t even open your database?

Relax, you have come to the right firm to repair, recover, rebuild or correct any woes you are having with your database. We have all the tools and skills required to recover, restore and re-tune your database it so that it is working with optimal performance once again – or maybe for the first time!

Multiple databases

Do you have several databases and realize it would be much better to have them all in one central database but you don’t know how to bring it all together and make sense? FullRange can combine your disparate databases to create one cohesive database solution while maintaining the different uses of managing prospects, customers, referral sources and all relationships vital to managing your business.

Contact us at FullRange CRM for a no cost, initial phone consultation on the best options for repairing, rebuilding or combining your databases.