Database Customization

Why Customize your Contact Management layout?

Adding your logo and company colors provides a unique identity and branding which will foster a cohesive business unity among your staff and associates.

There will undoubtedly be fields on the basic layout you do not need for your business tracking. We can remove them and discuss what will benefit you most such as the order of the field placement and the value of the data in the fields. Our expertise in customizations means we use the best practices methods most vital for the integrity of your database for daily performance, accurate reporting and future upgrades. Tell us what you want and we can get it done for you.

With customization your database will bring meaning to office associates immediately. They will use it, information will be input more quickly ensuring timely information about your client base that is needed to make daily business decisions.

Each person, each company and each industry using a database program has unique data they need to track about their clients. They might need to record such things as whether a client receives a newsletter, a second email address or various policies and information for each client. They might need a field that contains the sum of several fields or even custom tabs devoted to exactly what is being tracked. An HR department may need more detailed company information such as the waiting period for new hires, company retirement plans, all satellite office address, etc. When creating custom fields and configurations, the possibilities are endless.