Case Studies

The true mark of excellency in a professional consulting firm, is the successful completion of projects that result in a financial benefit to thier clients. Every business is faced with challenges to compete faster and better in thier own marketspace. Having a CRM that reduces the time it takes to communicate and assists in making the sales and customer experience more meaningful, can make the difference in a businessses ability to grow and earn profits.

At FullRange CRM, we take every request from our clients seriously and find innovative ways to help them meet the challenges they face. More than that, we offer solid thinking and ideas that we are constantly learning for our successes with you, our valued customer.

Here we share some of the case by case examples of true successes we have had with our clients. If you have any simple, unique or even what you may think are complicated requirements for Act! or your CRM of choice, give us a ring or send us an email and we can discuss how your business may benefit from working with our skilled team of professionals…

Tracking Commissions in a Sales Process

Needing to track commissions that are received in varying amounts per project was a big headache for a busy interior designer in Dallas, Texas. QuickBooks was not the solution. FullRange CRM developed an easy way to input the check numbers and amounts in Act! for each project (Opportunity) which was summed up and subtracted from the commission owed. This provided the balance due for commissions on each project with a couple clicks. “It’s only the second day and we already know that this is going to save us so much time and energy – time we need to be selling!”

The manufacturers representatives for interior design furnishing wrote in after the completion of the project to Cynthia of FullRange:
“First, thank you for your patience and persistence to fully understand our needs for the TopLine Designer customization you developed for our ACT! database. It’s only the second day and we already know that this is going to save us so much time and energy – time we need to be selling!

We turned to TopLine Dash and TopLine Designer [popular add-on apps for ACT! to help us bridge the gaps and enhance the usability of ACT! Topline Dash has been a terrific tool for reports and fast displays of exactly the information we need to see. Topline Designer is a little more complex, which is the reason I came to FullRange CRM to help me with a specific interface/form in my Opportunities.”

Qualify Web Visitors & Auto-Add Web Form Data into ACT!

Busy company with hundreds of visitors to their website daily needed a way to track those visitors and qualify the most interested. The goal is to identify to sales personnel who they should spend their time contacting.

Numerical values were created for specific website pages and for specific answers on required forms when filled out by website visitors. Values were added up for an overall scoring along with answers from website forms and automatically imported into ACT!.

Territories for sales personnel were created in ACT!, and based on answers provided by website visitors, the website visitor Contact information along with form data answers were automatically routed through ACT! Groups to the correct sales person. The numerical values of overall scoring and form data in ACT! provides instant knowledge on who is most qualified for the sales personnel to spend time contacting.

ACT! Custom Integration Services

Our client, an electrical supply distributor using Act! as their CRM, wanted the sales staff to have up-to-date statistics from their Epicor Prophet 21 accounting system. This way, the sales team will know precisely the last time a customer placed an order and its amount, how much they have purchased year-to-date as well as in the previous year and what their credit rating is. Through a custom interface we developed, we successfully implemented a link between the two systems that provides around the clock synchronization of the required data from Prophet 21 into ACT!, making it much easier for the sales team to know their customers!

Database Registration With Different Network Access Points

With 20 sales people traveling across several states daily to support their clients, having full time access to their database, with or without an internet connection, is vital to this hose and rubber supply company with 6 satellite offices across the western United States.

Each salesperson has their own segmented copy of the master database as a local database on their company provided laptop, perfect when in areas with no or unstable internet connection.

However they were having trouble with registration of the database depending on different network access points.  They contacted us. We logged into each computer discovering the culprit of the problem, then went through the necessary steps to eliminate the issue and ensure that the program stayed registered regardless of access point.

Each salesperson has access to the Contacts assigned to them in specific territories. The managers can view the Contacts and Activities of all the sales people at any time, with reporting capabilities on all the data, while the sales people are limited to their own Contacts.  This keeps the local databases smaller and faster to search, and provides them access regardless of where they are in the country.

Despite having dependable air cards for their computers, there are times when there simply is no reliable internet connection when visiting and supporting their clients’ project sites. Having a small, segmented local database for each salesperson is exactly the right solution.  FullRange will continue to provide ongoing support in their enterprise with their CRM.

“When we changed our ACT! service rep to Range CRM, every one of my guys who has worked with you now speaks of that experience the same as I do,…..EXCELLENT!.  You are first class in your customer service. One of them even asked me, ‘Do you think we could get her to take over our telephone accounts too?’ ”

Custom Solutions for Auto Dealer in ACT!

Client has 30 users on ACT!, 15 of whom are in telemarketing. Has 8×8 web based telephone call system.

They needed integration with ACT! to automatically dial and record outcome of conversation into ACT! History based upon ACT! Groups.

Created custom interface for auto dealer with outcomes such as disconnected number or voicemail recorded in History. When live person reached an appointment is scheduled with the Schedule Activity window floating freely outside ACT! When dialing the dealer brings up ACT! Contact.

Convert ACT! Database to Access. Keep All Historical ACT! Data

Client company using ACT! for years was merged into international conglomerate requiring a CRM different than ACT! Client needed to maintain and retain the existing ACT! Database historical Contacts and records into another database program shared and assessible by other associates to continue to look up ACT! Contacts and read all past content. Goal was to maintain their own separate copy of ACT! records for their office use and possibly return to ACT! with this same data.

FullRange converted the existing ACT! Database to Microsoft Access with the ability to perform Lookups on all historical data with all past references to date and authors of content in place.

FullRange successfully converted the Act! Database to Access and provided a custom interface with the look and functionality they were used to in Act! as well as zoom in functionality on past history content.

Client is using and sharing the Access database with all previous Act! content in-tact until the day they can return to using Act!

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