Act! Training/Instruction

Instruction in your CRM can be as easy or as complex as you need it to be.
FullRange CRM provides instruction on a level all users can understand. We want you comfortable with using your database from the beginning and we know with our expertise we can show you the more advanced features which will enhance your workflow without overwhelming the basics.

Instruction for Staff and Associates

Offered with our implementations, including individual user time at the desk of each end user. You will understand the hows and whys while test driving it yourself in the comfort of your own desktop environment. Adoption of your investment is the first step to success.

Webinars- Online interactive training sessions

Each attendee shares the same desktop view while on a conference call. These interactive sessions are vastly popular. Each person stays seated in the comfort of their desk while receiving expert training, asking questions and trying features along the way with the added benefit of hearing the questions of other attendees. All the benefits of classroom training without the inconvenience of traveling to a classroom and using an unfamiliar computer.

Sales meetings and Conventions

A great addition to your annual meeting is a couple hours or half day session of CRM instruction provided to your team while you have them all together. Instruction can be part of your next annual meeting. We can formulate a training agenda that will have your associates excited about the prospect of using their CRM. They will soon be jump starting their own segment of business.

Seasoned CRM users will Benefit

Seasoned CRM users may have gaps in their knowledge. Understanding the foundational and latest features will open up ideas to fastest ways of tracking business. Feature changes can be emphasized as well as possible options for new workflow.

Administrator Instruction

Designating an in-house Administrator is the most helpful for staff and executives. As CRM evolves and business evolves better ideas with streamlined options can be tested and evaluated by your Administrator. Everyday requirements can be implemented immediately.

Put together a wish list

Think about what you do daily to cultivate your business relationships, how are you attempting to grow your business, how are you keeping track of your current clientele, where are you exactly in the negotiating process and pipeline, how are you engaging with your clients? What do you wish you could do more easily? What do you want to know about your associates and their activities today or on a weekly basis?
We can schedule a one on one interactive online session with you addressing your specific issues. We will show you exactly what you want to know, how to do it in Act! and provide you innovative ideas with database examples. And you don’t have to leave your desk.

We are located in Utah and Rhode Island. We can come on-site in our locales or with online remote-in access we support companies across the country from coast to coast in all time zones.