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Third-Party ACT! Add-Ons

Third Party Add-ons (apps) are an essential and common way to extend the capabilities of any CRM program. They are most often inexpensive one-time fees, a few are even free.  There numerous choices from a wide variety of custom developers.

FullRange has extensive experience with many different add-on apps. We can identify your unique requirement then provide information and samples of our favorite add-on apps. The apps we recommend on based upon having used them throughout the years, we personally know the developers and have a proven track record for stability, reliability and completing the task required.


The Add-on apps we suggest the most are for custom reporting, various database integration, better data management with easy visibility within the database and set-up of individual views into your data.

If you are wondering whether a particular task can be completed within your database, chances are someone else has thought of it and there is an add-on app out there for your needs.
Contact us at FullRange to discuss the possibilities.