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Salesforce covers all areas of customer relationships, ranging from marketing to service.

Salesforce is CRM delivered to your business run entirely in the cloud, through a browser on your computer or an app on your mobile device.

Salesforce is a platform from which customization is conducted to meet the specific business needs of your organization. Salesforce is not designed to be an off the shelf “plug and play” program. Implementing Salesforce will take extensive forethought and planning, with administrators dedicated to the setup and consistent running and changing of the program.

Companies needing multi-currency input, multi-language and location input, deep level security of data between end users, no on-premise installations, would do well to consider Salesforce.

Which Salesforce Editions is right for your business?
Any company implementing Salesforce for the first time or migrating to Salesforce should choose the type of Salesforce edition based on their type of business.

A set of Salesforce features wrapped together is called Editions. The editions of Salesforce and their pricing change from time to time. The existing editions of Salesforce are Starter for under 5 users, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited.

Currently this page provides edition details and pricing.