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Meet Our Team

FullRange CRM Consulting puts you in charge of changes to your business information and processes. Customer Relationship Management whether Act! or Salesforce CRM, are flexible systems that adapt to changing business requirements. This provides power to manage your business. FullRange CRM Consulting supports your business to keep the changes efficient and progressive. We bring our experience in many different industries to your unique situation.

We work with you to identify needs and find the right solution. Our wide variety of hands-on business and technical experience guides the planning and advice we provide.

Cynthia Mucillo Thomas

Cynthia Muccillo Thomas is the founder of Range CRM Consulting and co-founder of FullRange CRM Consulting, LLC, Cynthia has helped hundreds of companies and professionals adopt customer focused business practices through set-up and customization of company databases and end user instruction. FullRange works with business owners, managers and staff to streamline and accomplish evolving business requirements.

Cynthia maintains current software consultant certifications in both Act and Salesforce.

Brian Pearson

Brian W. Pearson is the founder of PearsonCRM and co-founder of FullRangeCRM Consulting, LLC with more than 30 years of experience in both sales and software consulting. As an ACT! Certified Consultant since 2002, Brian has successfully worked with individuals and teams at companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to smaller businesses. Working together, we develop and execute projects in sales automation and CRM that increase top-line results to their organizations. Being a highly experienced sales professional with complimentary technical skills, Brian provides insight and hands on services that deliver target results within a well designed budget.

Kettler Thomas

Web analytics and lead scoring analyst with proven experience.

Duane Anderson

If you can think it, Duane can program it!